Boys Field Lacrosse A/AA Festival


CWOSSA A/AA Boys Lacrosse Championship

DATE: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 (Inclement Weather Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024)

LOCATION: University of Guelph – Varsity Field

COST: $350 per team (payable to Bishop Macdonell CHS)

CWOSSA Convenor: David O’Brien

School: (519) 822-8502

Cell: (519) 362-2950




    • As soon as you have qualified for CWOSSA please email me your school name and the district you are representing.  Please provide your email and a cell phone number you may be reached at in case of inclement weather.
    • Bathrooms – there are porta potties in area near the field or you can use the washrooms in the Gryphon Fieldhouse.
  • Buses should drop off and then head to P13 to park if they will be remaining on campus for the day.
  • There will be an Athletic Therapist on site for basic emergency supplies and taping.
  • Teams are responsible for providing their own medical kit and supplies for any pre-existing injuries they want address by the therapist.




  • If buses are not running in your area you must contact me by 6:30 am that morning.  If one or more teams are unable to travel the tournament will be postponed and played on May 23RD. Please check your phone and email regularly in case of poor weather.    



  • 6 teams / 2 pools round robin (2 games guaranteed).
  • 12 minute quarters (stop time last 2 minutes of game if score is within 2 goals).
  • 4 minute half time break, 2 minute quarter break.
  • 1 timeout per half (1 min).
  • Overtime is 4 minute stop time sudden victory until winner is determined (Braveheart).
  • Each team is responsible for placing three balls on their end line for each game.
  • Pool winners to Championship.




  1. Fewest goals against.
  2. Fewest penalty minutes.
  3. Goals for .
  4. Goal differential (goals for – goals against).
  5. Coin flip.




Pool A Pool B
1 (1st D5/9) 4 (1st D1/7)
2 (1st D4/10) 5 (2nd D5/9)
3 (2nd D1/7) 6 (2nd D4/10)



Game 1 7:30 am 4 vs 6
Game 2 8:45 am 2 vs 3
Game 3 10:00 am 6 vs 5
Game 4 11:15 am 1 vs 3
Game 5 12:30 pm 4 vs 5
Game 6 1:45 pm 2 vs 1
Game 7 3:15 pm 1st in Pool A vs 1st in Pool B